The place where you live should be one of blessing and Victory!

May these teachings by The GMRN Team help you achieve
Victorious Christian Living!

For the Family

God's Order for the Family
By: Les D. Crause

-As a parent you are always trying to do what is right in the eyes of God, but do you REALLY know what God's order for your Christian family is?

Birthing a Family Heritage
By: Colette Toach

-After the children are put to bed, their clothing washed, their education paid for and their future laid out before them, what foundation will remain in them to establish your family heritage?


Can My Child Hear the Voice of God?
By: Colette Toach

-Your child can develop a relationship with the Lord right now. Introduce your child to the Holy Spirit and watch them grow strong and confident in the Lord!


For the Husband and Wife - Life in Marriage
The Prophetic Ministry in Marriage
By: Colette Toach

- One partner is called to a prophetic ministry - the other is not. So how do you get that partner to change and see things like you do?

Why Marriage?
By: Les D. Crause

-How many of us walked into marriage with preconceived ideas? A powerful teaching on the truth of what marriage is all about!


Wives, Submit to your husbands!
By: Colette Toach

-Oh No! There is that 'S' word again! Why did God have to put that in the scriptures anyway? Is there any way we can get round it?



For the Kids

The Blessing Kids manual
By: Craig Toach

-How do you educate you kids on principles like, the anointing, salvation, the power in prayer and standing in faith, but in a way they understand it? Craig Toach gives you the tools in this manual to teach your children - but beware once they get going on this teaching they will leave you standing in their dust (spiritually speaking of course!)

Do you Know Jesus? (For kids)
By: Craig Toach

- Can you imagine a life without Jesus? The most precious gift you can give any child is something that will take them through any storm in their lives - Jesus Christ.


For the Mother

Family in Ministry
By: Colette Toach

-How do you combine the call of God on your life with your family? Sometimes you feel like a clown doing a juggling act! Yet there is a way to be the best mother and wife in the world and still overcome the guilt of the times you were not!


You CAN Be Pregnant!
By: Daphne Crause

- It has always been God's will for you to bear fruit and bear it abundantly! Understand His promises concerning falling pregnant and how to apply them to receive the child you desire.

For the Father

Partnership or Martyrship?
By: Craig Toach

-Does your wife have a calling on her life that you do not understand? You are not the only one! There are many men out there who feel left in the dark. Come to a clearer understanding and gain a spiritual victory in your marriage!



For Singles

Divorce and Remarriage
By: Les D. Crause

- No one can understand the pain and struggle of divorce until they have been there themselves. Les D. Crause shares here from personal experience and gives his message loud and clear: THERE IS HOPE AFTER DIVORCE!!


Finding the Perfect Partner
By: Les and Daphne Crause

- No matter if you are single, divorced or widowed, the Lord has the perfect partner for you! You have at your fingertips the resources to find that partner and to receive all of your hearts desire. Let no one fool you - the Lord DOES WANT YOU TO BE MARRIED and to have the Perfect Partner!